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Friday, June 29, 2007

Legal Actions Resulting from the Use of Celebrex

Legal Actions Resulting from the Use of Celebrex

            Although the FDA believed that Celebrex was associated with an increase in heart disease, as early as 2002, unlike its cousin Bextra, Pfizer still kept the drug on the market.  That's because researchers were still unable to draw a clear cut empirical link between Celebrex and the onset of heart disease.  Despite this, from the years 2004 through 2005, many consumers grew increasingly wary about the use of Celebrex.  Because of this, consumers filed th! ousands of documents with the FDA.  Even though I couldn't find a class-action lawsuit pending against Pfizer over Celebrex, unscrupulous attorneys are apparently ready for action.  They are currently in the process of soliciting possible victims of the drug, via the Internet.

            Still, individuals who have used Celebrex are bringing their own lawsuits against Pfizer.  One recent example of this is a lawsuit that was filed by a man named Ken Kaye from Connecticut.  Lawyers for Kaye did not bother going through the FDA.  They filed the lawsuit directly against Pfizer, in 2007(which has yet to go to trial).  Attorneys for Kaye are alleging that Celebrex caused Kaye to suffer three strokes; in a three-week ! period, six years ago.  Kaye is 54.  According to his attorneys, Kaye doesn't smoke, does not have diabetes or a history of heart problems.  As a result of these attacks, which they believe were precipitated by Kaye's use of Celebrex, Kaye has lost 20 percent of his vision.  According to his counsel, Kaye's life has been irreparably disrupted.  As such, he can no longer engage in many activities that he had previously enjoyed.  Also, they assert that Kaye is now forced to regularly take a blood thinner.